Lightning - A powerful element to contain

There are over 200,000 lightning strikes on mainland Britain each year. And every square kilometre may be struck by lightning at least once every two years.

Each lightning strike can generate in excess of 200,000 Amps - enough to cause serious damage to structure and wipe out vital electronic systems. Earth Tech have the expertise and the technology to design and install earthing and lightning protection systems that will protect structures against the worst effects of this powerful phenomenon.

An altogether better way of conducting business

Choose Earth Tech for earthing and lightning protection systems and you can rely on our expertise and professionalism to ensure that all of our contracts are carried out to the highest standards. What ever the project - however large or small - we are committed to providing a total quality service at a competitive price.

Contact Earth Tech about your requirements in earthing and lightning protection. Our Engineers will be pleased to offer advice on new and existing installations - and provide you with a fully written specification and estimate.


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